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Cassius Takeoffs provides quality takeoffs in a timely and affordable manner

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide Contractors with high quality takeoffs, so that they can spend more time running their business operations.

It is understood that bid-to-win hit rates are not what we wish them to be. Many times contractors chase jobs and spend lots of time and money bidding a job that they believe they can win only to find out that it went to another contractor.

Please allow us to take some of that work off your plate. We will provide high quality takeoffs performed by our experienced estimators.


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Why Choose Us?

Cost Effective

Our prices are competitive to keep you competitive

Right Size Approach

Request takeoffs per project or a subscription basis

Speedy Turnaround

We understand that bidding can be ruthlessly fast-paced


Let us know of any special requests for your projects



Quantifying a project is the most time consuming part of bidding a job. Let us take this step off of your plate, so that you can focus on getting more bids out the door.


Please let us know if you need pricing for your job. We can use your in-house pricing (all pricing remains confidential and never is shared) or we can price based on average national costs.


In our time estimating for large general contractors and small residential contractors, we found that there are different levels of detail required for each bid.

As estimators, sometimes we have to perform quick, conceptual estimates. Other times, we need to dive deep into the job and require very detailed quantities. 

Let us know the required level of detail for your project. We can meet your needs.


Our goal is to provide Contractors with high quality takeoffs, so that they can spend more time running their business operations.

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High Tower Building


Skyscraper Project


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Speedy Turnaround Time

It is our goal to provide the quickest possible turnaround times. However, each project has different requirements that may affect turnaround time. Typically we can provide a 48 hour to 72 hour turnaround for most residential and light commercial projects.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that every contractor needs to keep their bidding cost per project low. This is especially true in our current highly competitive market. For this reason, we make a great effort to keep costs low while providing quality quantities.

Designed to Suit

Whether you are a seasoned builder who knows the ins and outs of construction or a newer contractor, we can work together to put to together the most cost effective plan. If the goal is to request take off on a per project basis, we can do this and do this very often with many of our clients. If you typically have several projects per month and have a bid schedule that allows you to plan ahead, it might make sense to go with a subscription plan due to the fact that we can allocate our resources better, leading to lower bidding costs. The best contractors are also great planners. However, there is always that bid that sneaks up on us. When this happens, please let us know and we will work on providing you the fastest possible service.

Industry Standard Takeoff Software

We use Planswift to complete the takeoffs due to the fact that it is very commonly used by all types of contractors.

Our Deliverables

We will provide PDFs of the colored-coded takeoff drawings, a spreadsheet with a summary of the quantities, and the Planswift software file. These are the deliverables typically used, but we can work with your forms and spreadsheets, also. Please send us an email to discuss.

Custom Bid Forms

If you come across a project where the bid forms are particularly difficult and may need some spreadsheet work, please reach out to us. Odds are, we’ve probably solved a similar issue before.